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Growl_Notification Struct Reference

#include <GrowlApplicationBridge-Carbon.h>

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Detailed Description

Structure describing a Growl notification. XXX size The size of the notification structure. name Identifies the notification. title Short synopsis of the notification. description Additional text. iconData An icon for the notification. priority An indicator of the notification's importance. reserved Bits reserved for future usage. isSticky Requests that a notification stay on-screen until dismissed explicitly. clickContext An identifier to be passed to your click callback when a notification is clicked. clickCallback A callback to call when the notification is clicked.

Definition at line 236 of file GrowlApplicationBridge-Carbon.h.

Public Attributes

void(* clickCallback )(CFPropertyListRef clickContext)
CFPropertyListRef clickContext
CFStringRef description
CFDataRef iconData
unsigned isSticky: 1
CFStringRef name
signed int priority
unsigned reserved: 31
size_t size
CFStringRef title

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