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Growl_Delegate Struct Reference

#include <GrowlApplicationBridge-Carbon.h>

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Detailed Description

GrowlApplicationBridge-Carbon.h Declares an API that Carbon applications can use to interact with Growl. GrowlApplicationBridge uses a delegate to provide information //XXX to Growl (such as your application's name and what notifications it may post) and to provide information to your application (such as that Growl is listening for notifications or that a notification has been clicked).

You can set the Growldelegate with Growl_SetDelegate and find out the current delegate with Growl_GetDelegate. See struct Growl_Delegate for more information about the delegate.

Delegate to supply GrowlApplicationBridge with information and respond to events. The Growl delegate provides your interface to GrowlApplicationBridge. When GrowlApplicationBridge needs information about your application, it looks for it in the delegate; when Growl or the user does something that you might be interested in, GrowlApplicationBridge looks for a callback in the delegate and calls it if present (meaning, if it is not NULL). XXX on all of that size The size of the delegate structure. applicationName The name of your application. registrationDictionary A dictionary describing your application and the notifications it can send out. applicationIconData Your application's icon. growlInstallationWindowTitle The title of the installation window. growlInstallationInformation Text to display in the installation window. growlUpdateWindowTitle The title of the update window. growlUpdateInformation Text to display in the update window. referenceCount A count of owners of the delegate. retain Called when GrowlApplicationBridge receives this delegate. release Called when GrowlApplicationBridge no longer needs this delegate. growlIsReady Called when GrowlHelperApp is listening for notifications. growlNotificationWasClicked Called when a Growl notification is clicked. growlNotificationTimedOut Called when a Growl notification timed out.

Definition at line 55 of file GrowlApplicationBridge-Carbon.h.

Public Attributes

CFDataRef applicationIconData
CFStringRef applicationName
CFStringRef growlInstallationInformation
CFStringRef growlInstallationWindowTitle
void(* growlIsReady )(void)
void(* growlNotificationTimedOut )(CFPropertyListRef clickContext)
void(* growlNotificationWasClicked )(CFPropertyListRef clickContext)
CFStringRef growlUpdateInformation
CFStringRef growlUpdateWindowTitle
unsigned referenceCount
CFDictionaryRef registrationDictionary
void(* release )(void *)
void *(* retain )(void *)
size_t size

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