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- (NSDictionary *) registrationDictionaryForGrowl  

registrationDictionaryForGrowl Return the dictionary used to register this application with Growl. The returned dictionary gives Growl the complete list of notifications this application will ever send, and it also specifies which notifications should be enabled by default. Each is specified by an array of NSString objects.

For most applications, these two arrays can be the same (if all sent notifications should be displayed by default).

The NSString objects of these arrays will correspond to the notificationName: parameter passed in +[GrowlApplicationBridge notifyWithTitle:description:notificationName:iconData:priority:isSticky:clickContext:] calls.

The dictionary should have 2 key object pairs: key: GROWL_NOTIFICATIONS_ALL object: NSArray of NSString objects key: GROWL_NOTIFICATIONS_DEFAULT object: NSArray of NSString objects

You do not need to implement this method if you have an auto-discoverable plist file in your app bundle. (XXX refer to more information on that)

The NSDictionary to use for registration.

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