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+ (BOOL) registerWithDictionary: (NSDictionary *)  regDict  

registerWithDictionary: Register your application with Growl without setting a delegate. When you call this method with a dictionary, GrowlApplicationBridge registers your application using that dictionary. If you pass nil, GrowlApplicationBridge will ask the delegate (if there is one) for a dictionary, and if that doesn't work, it will look in your application's bundle for an auto-discoverable plist. (XXX refer to more information on that)

If you pass a dictionary to this method, it must include the GROWL_APP_NAME key, unless a delegate is set.

This method is mainly an alternative to the delegate system introduced with Growl 0.6. Without a delegate, you cannot receive callbacks such as -growlIsReady (since they are sent to the delegate). You can, however, set a delegate after registering without one.

This method was introduced in Growl.framework 0.7.

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