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+ (NSDictionary *) registrationDictionaryByFillingInDictionary: (NSDictionary *)  regDict
restrictToKeys: (NSSet *)  keys 

registrationDictionaryByFillingInDictionary:restrictToKeys: Tries to fill in missing keys in a registration dictionary. This method examines the passed-in dictionary for missing keys, and tries to work out correct values for them. As of 0.7, it uses:

Key Value --- ----- GROWL_APP_NAME CFBundleExecutableName GROWL_APP_ICON The icon of the application. GROWL_APP_LOCATION The location of the application. GROWL_NOTIFICATIONS_DEFAULT GROWL_NOTIFICATIONS_ALL

Only those keys that are listed in keys will be filled in. Other missing keys are ignored. Also, keys are only filled in if missing; if a key is present in the dictionary, its value will not be changed.

This method was introduced in Growl.framework 0.7.

regDict The dictionary to fill in.
keys The keys to fill in. If nil, any missing keys are filled in.
The dictionary with the keys filled in. This is an autoreleased copy of regDict.

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