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+ (void) notifyWithTitle: (NSString *)  title
description: (NSString *)  description
notificationName: (NSString *)  notifName
iconData: (NSData *)  iconData
priority: (signed int)  priority
isSticky: (BOOL)  isSticky
clickContext: (id)  clickContext 

notifyWithTitle:description:notificationName:iconData:priority:isSticky:clickContext: Send a Growl notification. This is the preferred means for sending a Growl notification. The notification name and at least one of the title and description are required (all three are preferred). All other parameters may be nil (or 0 or NO as appropriate) to accept default values.

If using the Growl-WithInstaller framework, if Growl is not installed the user will be prompted to install Growl. If the user cancels, this method will have no effect until the next application session, at which time when it is called the user will be prompted again. The user is also given the option to not be prompted again. If the user does choose to install Growl, the requested notification will be displayed once Growl is installed and running.

title The title of the notification displayed to the user.
description The full description of the notification displayed to the user.
notifName The internal name of the notification. Should be human-readable, as it will be displayed in the Growl preference pane.
iconData NSData object to show with the notification as its icon. If nil, the application's icon will be used instead.
priority The priority of the notification. The default value is 0; positive values are higher priority and negative values are lower priority. Not all Growl displays support priority.
isSticky If YES, the notification will remain on screen until clicked. Not all Growl displays support sticky notifications.
clickContext A context passed back to the Growl delegate if it implements -(void)growlNotificationWasClicked: and the notification is clicked. Not all display plugins support clicking. The clickContext must be plist-encodable (completely of NSString, NSArray, NSNumber, NSDictionary, and NSData types).

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