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+ (NSDictionary *) registrationDictionaryFromBundle: (NSBundle *)  bundle  

registrationDictionaryFromBundle: Looks in a bundle for a registration dictionary. This method looks in a bundle for an auto-discoverable registration dictionary file using -[NSBundle pathForResource:ofType:]. If it finds one, it loads the file using +[NSDictionary dictionaryWithContentsOfFile:] and returns the result.

If you pass nil as the bundle, the main bundle is examined.

This method does not attempt to clean up the dictionary in any way - for example, if it is missing the GROWL_APP_NAME key, the result will be missing it too. Use +[GrowlApplicationBridge registrationDictionaryByFillingInDictionary:] or +[GrowlApplicationBridge registrationDictionaryByFillingInDictionary:restrictToKeys:] to try to fill in missing keys.

This method was introduced in Growl.framework 0.7.

A registration dictionary.

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