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+ (void) setGrowlDelegate: (NSObject< GrowlApplicationBridgeDelegate > *)  inDelegate  

setGrowlDelegate: Set the object which will be responsible for providing and receiving Growl information. This must be called before using GrowlApplicationBridge.

The methods in the GrowlApplicationBridgeDelegate protocol are required and return the basic information needed to register with Growl.

The methods in the GrowlApplicationBridgeDelegate_InformalProtocol informal protocol are individually optional. They provide a greater degree of interaction between the application and growl such as informing the application when one of its Growl notifications is clicked by the user.

The methods in the GrowlApplicationBridgeDelegate_Installation_InformalProtocol informal protocol are individually optional and are only applicable when using the Growl-WithInstaller.framework which allows for automated Growl installation.

When this method is called, data will be collected from inDelegate, Growl will be launched if it is not already running, and the application will be registered with Growl.

If using the Growl-WithInstaller framework, if Growl is already installed but this copy of the framework has an updated version of Growl, the user will be prompted to update automatically.

inDelegate The delegate for the GrowlApplicationBridge. It must conform to the GrowlApplicationBridgeDelegate protocol.

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