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+ (void) setWillRegisterWhenGrowlIsReady: (BOOL)  flag  

setWillRegisterWhenGrowlIsReady: Tells GrowlApplicationBridge to register with Growl when Growl launches (or not). When Growl has started listening for notifications, it posts a GROWL_IS_READY notification on the Distributed Notification Center. GrowlApplicationBridge listens for this notification, using it to perform various tasks (such as calling your delegate's -growlIsReady method, if it has one). If this method is called with YES, one of those tasks will be to reregister with Growl (in the manner of -reregisterGrowlNotifications).

This attribute is automatically set back to NO (the default) after every GROWL_IS_READY notification.

flag YES if you want GrowlApplicationBridge to register with Growl when next it is ready; NO if not.

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