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+ (NSDictionary *) bestRegistrationDictionary  

bestRegistrationDictionary Obtains a registration dictionary, filled out to the best of GrowlApplicationBridge's knowledge. This method creates a registration dictionary as best GrowlApplicationBridge knows how.

First, GrowlApplicationBridge contacts the Growl delegate (if there is one) and gets the registration dictionary from that. If no such dictionary was obtained, GrowlApplicationBridge looks in your application's main bundle for an auto-discoverable registration dictionary file. If that doesn't exist either, this method returns nil.

Second, GrowlApplicationBridge calls +registrationDictionaryByFillingInDictionary: with whatever dictionary was obtained. The result of that method is the result of this method.

GrowlApplicationBridge uses this method when you call +setGrowlDelegate:, or when you call +registerWithDictionary: with nil.

This method was introduced in Growl.framework 0.7.

A registration dictionary.

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