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//  Bridge.h
//  uimac
//  Created by Craig Federighi on 4/25/07.
//  Copyright 2007 __MyCompanyName__. All rights reserved.
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>

      Bridge supports safe calling from C back to OCaml by using daemon threads
      spawned from OCaml to make the actual calls and converting all argument / return values
      in the OCaml thread (when in possession of the OCaml lock)
@interface Bridge : NSObject {
+ (void)startup:(const char **)argv;      

      ocamlCall(sig, funcName, [args...]);
      Call ocaml function (via safe thread handoff mechanism).
      Args/return values are converted to/from C/OCaml according to the
      supplied type signture string.  Type codes are:
            x     - void (for return type)
            i     - int
            s     - char *
            S     - NSString *
            @     - OCamlValue (see below)
            v     - unwrapped OCaml value (deprecated -- unsafe!)
            int count = (int)ocamlCall("iS", "lengthOfString", @"Some String");
            (void)ocamlCall("x", "someVoidOCamlFunction");
            OCamlValue *v = (id)ocamlCall("@Si", "makeArray", @"Some String", 10);
            NSString s = [v getField:0 withType:'S'];
extern void *ocamlCall(const char *argTypes, ...);

// Wrapper/proxy for unconverted OCaml values
@interface OCamlValue : NSObject {
      int _v;
- initWithValue:(int)v;

- (void *)getField:(int)i withType:(char)t;
      // get value by position.  See ocamlCall for list of type conversion codes
- (int)count;
      // count of items in array
- (int)value;
      // returns Ocaml value directly -- not safe to use except in direct callback from OCaml
      // (i.e. in the OCaml thread)

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